Career support

Fostering the careers of the next generation of researchers and providing a family-friendly atmosphere for research are key principles of the FerrOs consortium. Thus, FerrOs offers several opportunities for career development and equal opportunity.

Support of young investigators

Advisory committees and personal career development plans

all students and post-docs in the FerrOs consortium will develop a personal career development plan with their advisors to ensure career progression, personal growth, and project progress.

Personal coaching opportunities

one-on-one coaching across a wide-range of career development aspects is provided to all members of the FerrOs consortium.

Start-up module

offers young investigators the opportunity to apply for funds to generate preliminary data for a potential own grant in the second funding period.

We are happy to support Dr. Maria Ledesma Colunga, Dresden & Dr. Lisa Schrader, Münster with our Start-up funding modul. Congratulations!

For more information, please contact Dr. Sylvia Thiele.

Clinician-scientist program

Clinicians are highly encouraged to contribute to the scientific mission of FerrOs within a 12 months rotation into a FerrOs lab with protected research time. Clinicians can apply for a clinician-scientist (Gerok) position with their CV, a motivation letter, and an outline of the proposed work. Two positions are available, one in Heidelberg and one in Dresden.

For more information, please contact Dr. Sylvia Thiele.

Equal opportunity measures

Flying Nanny Service

for childcare during meetings, FerrOs retreats, etc.

Back to Science

is a 6-month-bridge funding tool that can be used to a) apply for funds to come back into your research position after parental leave or b) apply for technician support to assist with experiments during parental leave.

The Back to Science funding was awarded to Dr. Alessa Wagner (Ulm) to come back to the lab of Prof. Maja Vujic-Spasic after her maternal leave.

For more information how to apply for funding, please contact Dr. Sylvia Thiele.